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Safety program
Construction Socomec inc. is considering that the health and safety of its employees is a priority and of prime importance. We are convinced that healthy work habits result in a productivity behavior and satisfaction for all involved (client - employer - employee).

To achieve its objectives : Zero-incident | zero-accident

Construction Socomec inc. is :
Promoting and encouraging all activities related to health and safety both in its management, employees or anyone else connected with the activities of the company (customers - suppliers - subcontractors);

Ensuring strict implementation by a dedicated person of all standards, laws and regulations governing the health, safety, environmental protection, safety products and equipment. All actions are closely coordinated with the company's management;

Providing control programs, training and inspection to ensure that all activities are consistent with this policy. The reference tools contain full details of the respective responsibilities of everyone regardless of hierarchical levels within the company. Regular meetings help to inform our staff of any changes in our policies and those of our customers.

With this prevention program, involving the management and all other actors, Construction Socomec obtains the ideal combination to carry all its projects.

Quality insurance
Certified ISO 9001-2008, Construction Socomec proudly displays this certification because it assures its customers that the products and services offered will meet or exceed their requirements.

The quality system applies to all activities of Construction Socomec as specialized general contractor in manufacturing and installing piping, installation of steel structure and mechanical construction.

The design and development of new products are not part of the activities carried on at Construction Socomec. Design drawings and specifications are usually provided by the customer.

Methods and traceability measures are implemented at the manufacturing plant to meet our customer's requirements and throughout the execution steps of the key parts of a project.

Management tools and equipment to ensure availability and reliability of the Work are updated regularly as well as the management skills of our workers.

United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing & pipe fitting industry of Canada
Metal works welding
CSA W 47.1 (CWB)

Piping fabrication and pressure vessels
ASME : B 31.1 / B 31.3 / B 31.5 (RBQ)
CSA : B 51 (RBQ)

Welding procedures : SMAW / GTAW / GMAW

Fabrication & installation of petroleum products
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